We offer our customers to update the old drawings of their house in accordance with new technologies.We offer to update and develop drawings made in the paper version of your house, garage, commercial premises in DWG format and PDF format, which in turn will greatly help you both when drafting a path and with further draft changes. By choosing us you can save more time and money.We have many years of architectural drafting experience in California.

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Drafting conditions

After the client's request, the company calculates how many square feets the total floor area of the object is (if the object consists of several floors, then the area of each floor is naturally calculated and if it has special difficulties, they are also considered), according to which a price offer is made. Then the organization proved that the project has already entered the initial stage and 30% of the prepayment should be paid. After the payment is confirmed, the projects are returned to the working stage and are completed within the pre-specified time frame. Then the drawings are also presented to the client so that the client is sure that everything was done by agreement. After this process, a transfer of the remaining amount of 70% is required. And already from the organization, the customer receives the project package with his files (all this naturally ends the contract), In case of suggestions or questions, please contact us. We will be happy to wait for you ․